Welcome to Tomorrow’s Promise Preschool at Montgomery United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Texas.

When you walk into Tomorrow’s Promise Preschool you will find a center filled with lots of smiles, laughter, and fun and teacher’s and children who enjoy being at the school. Our curriculum is based on the WHOLE child.  We provide activities that develop the physical side of your child by including activities that build their large and small muscles.  We provide activities that encourage cognitive development, social skills, emotional development, and spiritual development.   Each classroom will be set-up based on the developmental needs of each child in that classroom.  Each classroom will have a low teacher to student ratio.  We believe that this is very important for the whole development of your child.  Your child will have lots of individual attention.

Each classroom will have the following centers:

  1. Art Center where children develop eye hand coordination skills, encourage their creativity and imagination skills, strengthen their scissor cutting skills, work on pre-writing skills, and build their self-confidence as they learn to control their materials.

  2. Dramatic Play Center (Home Area) where children will build their vocabulary skills by interacting and sharing with others, they learn how to cooperate with other children, are able to role play different people and situations that they see in their worlds, and develops a rich imagination that will stimulate brain development.

  3. Block Center where children learn shapes, matching skills, counting skills, start to see patterns and how they apply to real life, start to learn math vocabulary such as big, small, narrow, same, different, equal, heavy, and light, and have to learn how to listen and work with others.

  4. Manipulative Center or Table Tops is where children learn to sort in categories by color or shape, they build their pincer grip which is necessary for writing skills, develop a longer attention span,  learn to focus and complete tasks, and following directions.

  5. Science Center helps children understand their senses, learn to ask questions and begin to see how God’s world works, they experience cause and effect, learn science vocabulary, and begin to discover that sometimes there is no right or wrong answer to a question.

  6. Library Center or Book Center is where children begin to increase their attention span, build their comprehension skills, recognize that print means something, letter recognition, develop listening skills, and a love of books.

Every day the children will do circle time where they sing, do finger plays, and talk about new things that they are discovering in their classrooms.  Once a week the children will go to Chapel to hear a Bible story, sing songs about God, and celebrate the children’s birthdays that week. The teacher’s will continue to talk about the Bible story throughout the week and incorporate this into the classroom activities.

Monthly the children will do a cooking activity which of course is science because they are measuring and seeing how temperature can change the ingredients into something else and discover where these ingredients come from.

Our children also have a children’s garden where they get to plant, water, and watch their own handiwork grow. We have wonderful church ladies who come and do this with the children throughout the month.

The artwork that comes home from Tomorrow’s Promise will be more about the process than the product, children will be allowed to create, mix colors, and use their imagination to create their art each day. We do a lot of easel painting so that the mid-line in the brain gets developed. This is important so that the children will have an easier time with reading and writing if the mid-line is developed.

Our teachers and staff believe that YOU as a parent are the most important person in your child’s life and want to have your input and want to share what we are doing during the day with them.  We have a wipe off board located on each door which will tell you what we did during the day and list any reminders that you might need, we will send a weekly newsletter either by paper or email, a monthly school wide newsletter will be sent out, as well as being able to communicate through our website.   We also hold two parent conferences during the year so that we can share the progress that your child is making.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  -Proverbs 22:6

Our School Session

Our 2019-2020 school year starts on Tuesday, September 3rd & we end our year on Thursday, May 21st.

For all holidays and time off we follow the MISD Calendar click here.
Our school day is 9am-2pm   Monday - Thursday.

CLOSED Fridays.

Upcoming Events:

August 29 - Meet the Teacher

       Sept. 3 - First day of school

May 21 - Last day of School


"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

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